Course Number : BA (H) – 681
Credit Hours: 03


It is desired that the subject covers should be able to impart the students’ knowledge of the job of Sales Management and how personal selling is related to it. How the sales effort should be planned, budgets made and forecast prepared, also include in the course material is the technique of developing the sales force including its training and developments and the type of incentives that can be offered to motivate the sales force.


  1. Job of Sales Management
    • The Nature of Personal Selling
    • Changes in Selling
    • Personal Selling in the Marketing Mix
    • Dimensions of Sales Management
  2. Preliminary Steps in the Selling Processs
    • Prospecting
    • Identifying Prospects
    • Qualifying Prospects
    • Preparing
  3. Advanced Steps in the Selling Process
    • Approach
    • Probing for Needs
    • Convincing the Prospect
    • Handling Objections
    • Closing
    • Follow-up
  4. Territory Development and Time Management
    • The Nature of Territory Development
    • Sales Territory Design
    • Procedures for Developing Territories
    • Operating the Territory Management System
    • Time Management
  5. Sales Management Environment
    • The Social and Cultural Environment
    • The Technological Environment
    • The Economic Environment
    • The Competitive Environment
    • The Political and Legal Environment
  6. Sales Management Planning
    • The Nature and Importance of Sales Planning
    • Sales Planning in the Corporate Context
    • Information for Sales Planning
    • Sales Intelligence
    • Using the Marketing Information System
    • The Sales Management Planning Process
    • The Analysis Phase
    • Setting Sales Objectives
    • Formulating Sales Strategies
    • Tactical Decisions
    • Sales Plan Implementation
    • The Control Phase
  7. Sales Forecasting
    • Sales Forecasting Procedures
    • Qualitative Methods
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Managing the Forecasting Function
  8. Sales Budgeting
    • Type of Budgets
    • Determining the Budget Level
    • Sales Budgeting Procedure
    • Practice of Sales Budgeting
  9. Organization of the Sales Force
    • Tasks of the Sales Organization
    • Developing a Sales Organization
    • Basic Types of Sales Organization
  10. Sales Personnel Planning & Recruiting
    • Quantitative Requirements Used in Sales Personnel Planning
    • Qualitative Requirements Used in Sales Personnel Planning
    • Sales Recruiting Guidelines
      Sources of Sales Recruit

  11. Sales Leadership, Training & Development
    • The Essence of Sales Leadership
    • Sales Leadership and Cooperation
    • The Sales Manager’s Leadership Roles
    • Individual Leadership Skills
    • Reasons for Training Sales Personnel
    • Designing a Formal Sales Training Program
    • Evaluation and Follow-up
  12. Sales Incentives & Compensation
    • Types of Incentives
    • Sales Contest
    • Sales Meeting and Conventions
    • Sales Compensation Trends
    • Developing a Compensation Plan


  1. Eugine M. Johnson, David L. Kurtz, Eberhard E. Scheuing: Sales Management published by McGraw Hill Latest Edition.