PGD (Evening)

Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development – 2 Year Diploma
The PGD in Software Development requires the completion of 17 courses for a cumulative 49 credit hours and 26 lab hours spread over four quarters.  The diploma requires students to graduate with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.45.
This program is specially designed for students who do not have prior computing or math background and they are seeking a career or a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Year 1

Course Code Quarter 1 Course Code Quarter 2
PGD 01 Practical Computing PGD 07 Object-Oriented Programming
PGD 02 Intro. to Programming PGD 08 Data Structures & Algorithm
PGD 03 Intro. to Operating Systems PGD 09 Principles of Software Engineering
PGD 04 Business Communication Skills PGD 10 Business Communication Skills
PGD 05 Language I (English I) PGD 11 Language II (English II)
PGD 06 Computer Communication & Networking    

Year 2

Course Code Quarter 3 Course Code Quarter 4
PGD 12 Visual Programming PGD 15 Software Project Management
PGD 13 Relational Database Environment PGD 16 Focus Course
PGD 14 Internet Applications
Project I
PGD 17 Focus Course
Project II