Course Number : BA (BS) – 332
Credit Hours: 03


The course is designed with the objectives of acquainting the students with the anthropological study of Pakistan. Advents of Muslims in India, two nation theory and the history of freedom movement with role of important leaders before and after independence and their contributions.
After completing the course students are expected to learn the background and the events responsible for the creation of Pakistan. The course is to create a feeling of love and importance of Pakistan among the young generation. They will make themselves aware of the status of Pakistan in relation to neighbors and realize their personal identification as a Pakistani national.

Course Contents

    1. Historical Background of Pakistan with special reference to Ulema’s work and political awakening in the subcontinent. The reformists Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi, Shah Waliullah and others.
    2. Creation of Pakistan, Its problems and gradual Development in the fields of politics.
    3. Constitutional evolution of Pakistan up to the current constitution and its amendments.
    4. Languages of Pakistan.
    5. Cultural heritage of Pakistan.
    6. Pakistan and the Modern World (Foreign Affairs).
    7. Economic Progress of Pakistan from 1970s, to date.

Recommended Books

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  2. Qureshi, I. H. (1997). A Short History of Pakistan. Karachi: Vol–IV University of Karachi.
  3. Qureshi, I. H. (1974). The Struggle for Pakistan. Karachi: University of Karachi.
  4. Ikram, R. & Sayyid, M. A. (1999). Introduction to Pakistan Studies. Lahore: Caravan Book House.
  5. Shahzad, S. G. Pakistan Studies. Karachi: Qamar Kitab Ghar. (Latest Edition).
  6. Akbar, Z. S. Issues in Pakistan’s Economy. (Latest Edition).