Course Number : BA (BS) – 311
Credit Hours: 03

Course Outline

    1. Primary Activities
      1.1 Fishing
      1.2 Hunting
      1.3 Lumbering
      1.4 Agricultural Activities
      1.5 Advent of Agricultural Activities
      1.6 Animal Husbandry
      1.7 Farming Substance
      1.8 Industries and Handicrafts
      1.9 Skills and Factors of Manufacturing
      1.10 Types and Products
      1.11 Iron and Steel, Textiles, Fertilizers
      1.12 Population Growth its Global Distribution, Trends, and its Effect on Various Commercial Activities

      1.13 Growth World Wide
      1.14 Distribution
      1.15 Trends and Effects on Commerce
      1.16 Orientation of Commercial Activities and their Modern Trends
      1.17 Choices of different Countries
      1.18 Interrelationship of Choices and Commercial Activities
      Impact of the Latest Technology on the Existing Commercial Activities and the Resultant Trends

    2. Agricultural  Resources  with  Special  Emphasis  on  Food  Resources  and  their Rate of Consumption
      2.1 Wheat, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tea, Edible Oils
      2.2 Cotton, Rubber and Wool
      2.3 Commodity Flow and Consumption
    3. Mineral Resources and their Reserve Estimate
      3.1 Iron–Ore
      3.2 Gold
      3.3 Uranium
    4. Energy Resources and their Applications
      4.1 Coal
      4.2 Electricity/Thermal/Hydroelectric/Nuclear
      4.3 Natural Oil and Gas
    5. Human resources and their distribution
      5.1 Types according to Various Occupations
      5.2 Utilization–Optimum and Under Utilization
      5.3 Effects on Socio–Economic Conditions
    6. Location and Physical Environment of Pakistan
      6.1 Geographical and Physical Features
      6.2 Climate and Natural Vegetation
      6.3 Soil and Irrigation
    7. Resources and their exploitation in Pakistan
      7.1 Agricultural Commodities Wheat, Rice, Maize, Sugar–Cane, Cotton, Tobacco
      7.2 Power–Electricity, Nuclear, Solar Energy and Bio–Gas
    8. Population in Pakistan
      8.1 Its involvement and options for various commercial activities and its impact on

      national, regional and international trade.

      8.2 Distribution and occupation
      8.3 Migration–immigration and emigration
      8.4 Influences upon nations, regional and international trade

    9. Logistics for transfer of various resources in Pakistan
      9.1 Roads
      9.2 Railways
      9.3 Airways and water ways
    10. Priorities and identity of commercial needs of Pakistan
      10.1 Food autarky
      10.2 The Comma
      10.3 Technology it’s spread and application in various fields of life
      10.4 Perspective needs and their fulfillment, by adding facilities like augmenting the

      existing irrigation systems power resources etc.

Recommended Books

  1. Hartshorne & Alexander, (1996). Economic Geography. Prentice Hall.
  2. Zahid R. A. (2000). A Descriptive Atlas of Pakistan. Feroz Sons.
  3. Fazl–e–Karim, K. (2002). A Geography of Pakistan. Oxford.