Course Number : BA (BS) – 341
Credit Hours: 03


The main purpose of this course is to make the fresh students in the field of business studies able to understand the concept and comprehensive views on business and allied activities. The understanding of basic role of business in our society requires exploration into various areas.

The objective with the course is to explore and examine various aspects of business, their interrelation with business system. This is a foundation course which provides basic knowledge about the nature and importance of business, its concepts, functions, principles etc.

Course Contents

    1. The Nature of Business
      1.1 The Definition of Business
      1.2 The Philosophy of Business
      1.3 The Economic Setting of Business
      1.4 Objectives of Business
      1.5 Types of Businesses
      1.6 Business Environment
    2. Ownership
      2.1 Sole Proprietorship
      2.2 Partnership
      2.3 Joint Stock Company / Corporation
      2.4 Cooperatives
      2.5 Business Combination
    3. Finance
      3.1 Financial Problems and Policies
      3.2 Long Term and Short Term Finance
      3.3 Important Financial Institutions
      3.4 Stock Exchange Operation and Commodity Exchange
      3.5 Risk and Insurance
    4. Production
      4.1 Business Location and Layout
      4.2 Purchasing and Inventory Control
      4.3 Production and Production Control
    5. Human Relations Department
      5.1 Introduction
      5.2 Personnel Department
      5.3 Labour and Government
      5.4 Management Union Relationship
    6. Marketing
      6.1 The Concept of Marketing Mix
      6.2 Approach the Study of Marketing
      6.3 Importance of Marketing for Business
      6.4 Concept of Middleman
      6.5 Marketing Communication and Promotion
    7. Administrative Organization of Business
      7.1 Need of Organization in a Growing Business
      7.2 How to Establish an Organization?
      7.3 Typical Basis for Classifying Activities
      7.4 Types of Organization Relationship

Recommended Books

  1. Koontz & Fulmer, A Practical Introduction to Business, Richard D. Irwin Inc., 2000.
  2. Newman H. William, Business Policies and Management, Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co., 1998.
  3. Khan A. Matin, Business in its Broader Perspective, New Urdu Bazar, Karachi, 2001.
  4. Louise E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Contemporary Business, Harcourt College Publishers, 2002.