Course Number : BA (BS) – 302
Credit Hours: 03


The main objective is to enable the students to express themselves in good rhetorical language with special reference to arrangement and style. The students will be introduced to envelop, persuasive writing which will help them to critically develop analytical research. It will also encourage the students to read widely and analyze written prose and to develop paraphrasing skills. It will also sharpen their powers of observation and skills for writing about personnel, public, professional needs and problems. Apart from this it will further build their understanding on the techniques of composition.

Course Contents

    1. Orientation : Writing Structure

      1.1. Approaches, Practices
      1.2. Purpose and Characteristics
    2. Understanding Paragraph Development
      2.1. Paragraph Unity
    3. Supporting Topic Sentences

      3.1. Examples
      3.2. Details
      3.3. Anecdotes
      3.4. Facts and Statistics
    4. Supporting Topic Sentences

      4.1. Enumeration
      4.2. Special Types of Enumeration
      4.3. Process and Chronology
      4.4. Cause and Effect
      4.5. Comparison and Contrast
    5. From Paragraph To Composition

      5.1. Identifying Controlling Ideas
      5.2. Writing Process 3X3 (Essay Writing)
      5.3. Essay Writing, Division and Classification
      5.4. Essay Writing Argumentation
    6. Special Skills in Writing

      6.1. The Short Paper
      6.2. Writing a Summary
    7. The Critical Review

      7.1. Reviewing Article
    8. The Research Paper Writing a Research Paper

      8.1. Review

Recommended Books

  1. Arnaudet Martin L., Paragraph Development, Prentice Hall Regents, Eaglewood Cliffs (3rd Edition), 2000.
  2. Arnaudet Martin L., Mary Ellen Barrett, Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing, 1999.
  3. Jefferson, H. M., Writing : A College Handbook, W.W. Norton and Company (6th Edition), 2000.
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