Course Number : BA (BS) – 421
Credit Hours: 03


The course is designed to equip students to be potential entrepreneurs with the tools and insight for success. With solid theory and relevant examples, this thorough course covers the entire process of building a business. The course begins with recognizing opportunity and building team, and then moves through assembling finances, the business plan, legal issues, marketing, growth, and exit strategies.

Course Contents

    1.  The Challenges of Entrepreneurship
      1.1. The Foundations of Entrepreneurship
      1.2. Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind: From Ideas to Reality
    2. Building the Business Plan: Beginning Considerations
      2.1. Strategic Management and the Entrepreneur
      2.2. Forms of Business Ownership and Franchising
      2.3. Buying an Existing Business
    3. Building The Business Plan: Marketing Considerations
      3.1. Building a Powerful Marketing Plan
      3.2. E–Commerce and the Entrepreneur
      3.3. Integrated Marketing Communications and Pricing Strategies
    4. Building the Business Plan: Financial Considerations
      4.1. Managing Cash Flow
      4.2. Creating a Successful Financial Plan
      4.3. Crafting a Winning Business Plan
    5. Putting the Plan to Work: Building a Competitive Edge
      5.1. Sources of Financing: Debt and Equity
      5.2. Choosing the Right Location and Layout
      5.3. Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship
      5.4. Leading the Growing Company and Planning for Management Succession

Recommended Books

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  2. Baron, R. A. and Shane, S. A. (2008).Entrepreneurship A Process Perspective. Dallas: Thomson South–Western.
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