Course Title : E BUSINESS
Course Number : BA (BS) – 402
Credit Hours: 03


This course aims to develop students’ abilities to use, analyze, and evaluate electronic business technologies and to propose business model and develop business strategies employing these technologies. The course covers intra‐ and inter‐ organizational systems, payment systems, mobile systems, cloud computing, social technologies, smart systems, and other Internet‐based information systems relevant for electronic business. Core elements of the course the analysis and discussion of current electronic business case studies as well as the entrepreneurial development of actual electronic business models.

Course Contents

    1. The Value Chain
      1.1. Supply Chains
      1.2. Porters value Chain Model
    2. Competitive Advantage
      2.1. Porters Model
    3. Leveraging the Web for Corporate Success
      3.1. Web based Electronic Commerce
      3.2. Strategic Development
      3.3. Issues in Business to Consumer Boundary
      3.4. Issues in Development of Business Partnership
      3.5. Interconnectivity in a Virtual World
    4. Internet Business Model
      4.1. Scope, Breadth of Target Customer Segments
      4.2. Product Line Diversification
      4.3. Vertical Integration
      4.4. Hybridization
    5. Online retailers
      5.1. Online Retailer Economics
      5.2. Tactics for Success
      5.3. Strategic Issues
    6. Online Market Makers
      6.1. Types of Purchases
      6.2. Value Creation by Market Makers for Market Participants
    7. Customer Interface
      7.1. Seven Design Elements
      7.2. Five Content Archetypes
      7.3. Pricing Models of Commerce Archetypes
    8. Authentication, digital payments
      8.1. Security of Transactions
      8.2. E-commerce Payment Modes
    9. Global e- commerce, local problems
      9.1. e-commerce and Supply Chain
      9.2. Data Access and Control
      9.3. Cultural Imperatives
      9.4. Strategic Challenge
    10. Strategy Implementation Delivery system
      10.1. Challenges
      10.2. Delivery systems

Recommended Books

  1. Rayport, Jaworski, Introduction to e-business, 2nd Edition, (2011), McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
  2. D.K Gupta,Electronic Marketing, First edition, (2003), Rajat Publications.
  3. Warren D.Raisch, The e-market place, (2013), McGraw-Hill Publishing
  4. Daniel Amor, The e-Business, Second Edition, (2002), Prentice Hall