Course Title :  STUDY SKILLS
Course Number : BA (BS) – 321
Credit Hours: 03


Upon completion of this course students will:

  1. know and apply self-management skills to direct their academic performance and life choices
  2. understand the ways in which they learn most easily and most enjoyable
  3. define their own goals and preferences as they embark in their university career
  4. embrace diversity and still be themselves
  5. know and use the vital study skills and strategies they need to become confident and successful
  6. create and use study systems, think critically, concentrate, read and listen with understanding,
  7. develop and implement strategies to manage their time effectively,
  8. develop effective test and examination taking skills
  9. use skills to continue life-long learning on their own

Course Contents

    1. Introduction and Overview of Course Chapter 1 Choosing Success in College
      1.1 Knowing your campus and its resources
      1.2 Form An Academic Support Group
      1.3 Embrace Diversity
      1.4 Know Where to Find Help
      1.5 Stay Informed
      1.6 Get Involved
    2. Motivating Yourself to Learn
      2.1 Assess Academic Strengths and Weaknesses
      2.2 Discover and use your learning style
      2.3 Develop Critical Thinking & Study Skills
      2.4 Adapt learning style to teaching method
    3. Using Critical Thinking Strategies
      3.1 Examine Your Assumption
      3.2 Make Predictions
      3.3 Read With A Purpose
      3.4 Sharpen Your Interpretations
      3.5 Find Implications in What You Learn
      3.6 Read and Understand Graphics
      3.7 Evaluate what you learn
    4. Setting Goals and Solving Problems
      4.1 Set goals for success in college
      4.2 How to develop a positive attitude
      4.3 Use the COPE Method to Solve Problems
    5. Sharpening Your Classroom Skills
      5.1 Prepare for Class
      5.2 Become an Active Listener
      5.3 Develop A Personal Note-Taking System
      5.4 Guidelines for Note Taking
      5.5 The Informal Outline/Key Words System
      5.6 The Cornell Method
      5.7 Matching Note-Taking Style and Learning Style
      5.8 Learn To Make Effective Presentations
    6. Making the Most of Your Time
      6.1 How to GRAB Some Time
      6.2 Scheduling Your Time
      6.3 Time Management and Learning Style
      6.4 Procrastination
    7. Maintaining Your Health and Well-Being

      7.1 Health, Well-being, and Success in College
      7.2 Managing Stress
      7.3 Avoiding Harmful Substances
      7.4 Your Emotions
      7.5 Your Interpersonal Skills
      7.6 Your Sexuality
    8. Creating Your Study System
      8.1 The Basic System
      8.2 Devising Your Study System
    9. Organizing Information for Study
      9.1 Memorization
      9.2 Concept or Information Maps
      9.3 Comparison Charts
      9.4 Time Lines
      9.5 Process Diagrams
      9.6 Informal Outlines
      9.7 Branching Diagrams
    10. Controlling Your Concentration

      10.1 Concentrations
      10.2 Eliminate Distractions
      10.3 Use A Study System
      10.4 Strategies to Improve Concentration
    11. Improving Learning and Memory
      11.1 How Memory Works
      11.2 Increase Your Memory Power
    12. Preparing for Tests

      12.1 How To Prepare for Tests: Three Steps
      12.2 Develop a Test-taking Routine
      12.3 Master Objective Tests
      12.4 Know How to Answer Essay Questions
    13. Reducing Test Anxiety

      13.1 Eliminate the Causes of Test Anxiety
      13.2 Learn to Relax
      13.3 Face Your Fears
      13.4 Talk Positively to Yourself
      13.5 Find Your Best Solution
    14. Becoming an Active Reader

      14.1 Reading Actively
      14.2 Find the Main Idea, Details, and Implications
      14.3 Using a Textbook Marking System
    15. Building Career Skills

      15.1 Working in the New Economy
      15.2 Where the Jobs will be
      15.3 Choosing Your Future
      15.4 Your course of Study
      15.5 Your Plan
      15.6 What Employers Want
      15.7 Career Skills to Develop
      15.8 Workplace Ethics
      15.9 From College to Work
      15.10 Your Resume and Cover Letter
      15.11 The Interview
    16. Review for Exam

Recommended Books

  1. Kanar, Carol C., The Confident Student, (2001), Houghton Mifflin Co.
  2. Tom Burns, Sandra Sinfield, Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University, Sage Publisher.
  3. Abby Marks, Study Skills: The Tools for Active Learning, (1994), Delmar Publisher.