Course Number : BA (BS-HRM) – 692
Credit Hours: 03


The underpinning Objective of the course is widen the spectrum of thought of the participants so that they are able to exercise greater choice in the approach to recruit & select right person for a right job.

They will be able to understand the appropriateness of each of the available resources dependent upon the type of job being considered and the constraints under which the organization operates.

Course Contents
    1. Introduction
      1.1. Significant of Recruitment & Selection Process
      1.2. Overview of Human Resource Planning
      1.3. Impact of HRP on Recruitment & Selection
    2. Recruitment
      2.1. Definition
      2.2. Aims of Recruitment
      2.3. Distinction between Recruitment and Selection
      2.4. Constraints in Recruitment Process
    3. Recruitment Channels
      3.1. Internal Recruitment Channels
      3.2. External Recruitment Channels
    4. Selection
      4.1. Definition & Meaning
      4.2. Aims and Objectives of Selection Process
      4.3. Challenges in Selection Functions
    5. Selection Process
      5.1. Overview of Selection Process
      5.2. Steps in Selection Process
      5.3. Tools of Selection Process
    6. Analysis of Selection Tools
      6.1. Interview
      6.2. Types of Interview
      6.3. Errors of Interview as Selection Tool
      6.4. Tests and its types as Selection Tool
      6.5. Reliability and Validity of Test

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