Production Management

DBA – 541


This course aims to provide students basic knowledge of current production and operations management practices and techniques to produce and services.

Operational Management provides a powerful tool to students for achieving organizational objectives and competitive strategies in today’s Competitive World.


  • Introduction of Production and Operation Management
  • Operation and Productivity
  • Operations as a Competitive Weapon
  • Operations Strategy
  • Process Management
  • Management of Technology
  • Work – Force Management
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Operations Capacity
  • Location Planning
  • Layout Planning
  • Supply – Chain Management
  • Inventory Control Management
  • Aggregate Requirements Planning
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Just-in Time Systems
  • Operations Research
  • Managing Projects

Books Recommended:

  1. Taha, Hamdy A.  “Operations Research and Introduction”, Prentice Hall, 6th Edition.
  2. Bierman, Harlod, Charles P. Bonini, Waren H. Hausman, “Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision”, Richard D. Irwin, 8th Edition, 1998.