BBA – II (Hons.)
Course Number :BA (H) – 352
Credit Hours : 03


The course is designed with the objectives of acquainting the students with the anthropological study of Pakistan. Advents of Muslims in India, two nation theory and the history of freedom movement with role of important leaders before and after independence and their contributions.

After completing the course students are expected to learn the background and the events responsible for the creation of Pakistan. The course is to create a feeling of love and importance of Pakistan among the young generation. They will make themselves aware of the status of Pakistan in relation to neighbors and realize their personal identification as a Pakistani national.

Course Contents

  1. Historical Perspective of Pakistan Ideology
  2. Review of South Asia Before 1857
  3. 2.1 Socio Political Conditions
    2.2 Advent of East India Company
    2.3 Decline of Mughal Empire
    2.4 War of Independence 1857
    2.5 Queen Victoria’s Proclamation and Foundation of the Direct Rule of the
    British Crown in India in 1858

  4. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and His Services for Muslims of the Subcontinent
  5. 3.1 Aligarh Movement
    3.2 Partition of Bengal (1905)
    3.3 Beginning of Muslim Nationalism

  6. Formation of All India Muslim League’s (1906)
  7. 4.1 Change in Muslim League’s Political Strategy

  8. First World war and Khilafat Movement (1913)
  9. 5.1 Role of Quaid-e-Azam and His Fourteen Points
    5.2 Act of 1935
    5.3 The Lahore Resolution (1940) and Struggle for Pakistan
    5.4 Shimla Conference and Elections of 1945–46
    5.5 Cabinet Mission Plan (1946), Plan of 3rd June

  10. Partition of India and Creation of Pakistan, August 14, 1947
  11. Social and Political Structure of Pakistan
  12. 7.1 From 1958 – 1968
    7.2 From 1969 – 1979
    7.3 From 1979 – 1989

  13. Literacy in Pakistan
  14. 8.1 Agriculture of Pakistan
    8.2 Industries of Pakistan

  15. Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  16. 9.1 Pakistan and Muslim world
    9.2 Pakistan and ECO
    9.3 Pakistan and India

Recommended Books

  1. Qureshi I. H., A Short History of Pakistan, Vol–IV (University of Karachi, 1997).
  2. Qureshi I. H., The Struggle for Pakistan, (University of Karachi, 1974).
  3. Rabbani Ikram and M. A. Sayyid, Introduction to Pakistan Studies, Caravan Book House, Lahore, 1999.
  4. Hussain J., A History of the Peoples of Pakistan, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1998.