Course Number : BA (H) – 711
Credit Hours: 03


To provide a perspective to on a marketing decision making process with a deeper inside of market mechanism and characteristics along with an understanding of the research methodologies to be used for this purpose.

Case histories, class discussions and examples of practical research exercises will also be included to augment the understanding of the subject.


  1. The Marketing Research System

    1. Examples of Marketing Research
    2. The Marketing System
    3. The Marketing Management Process
    4. What Organization Do
    5. Marketing Research Defined
    6. Basic and Applied Research
    7. The Research Process
    8. Errors in Marketing Research

  2. The Decision to Undertake Research

    1. Types of Research
    2. Preliminary Steps in the Decision Making Process
    3. Preliminary considerations for conducting conclusive research
    4. The Management-Research Relationship

  3. Research Design and Data Sources

    1. Research Design
    2. Data Sources
    3. Marketing Decision Support System

  4. Secondary Data

    1. Role of Secondary Data
    2. Library Sources of Secondary Data

  5. The Basics of Sampling

    1. Sampling: An Introduction
    2. Sampling Procedures

  6. Simple Random Sampling and Sample Size

    1. Simple Random Sampling
    2. The Determination of Sample Size

  7. More Complex Sampling Procedures

    1. Stratified Sampling
    2. Cluster Sampling
    3. Systematic Sampling
    4. Area Sampling
    5. Random-Digit Dialing
    6. Sample size
    7. Managerial Summary of Sampling

  8. The Measurement Process

    1. Measurement in marketing
    2. Difficulty of measurement
    3. Concepts of Validity and Reliability

  9. Attitude Measurement

    1. Importance of Attitudes in Marketing
    2. Nature of Attitudes
    3. Attitude-Scaling Procedures

  10. Designing Data Collection Forms

    1. Importance of Questionnaire
    2. Questionnaire Components
    3. Questionnaire Design
    4. Observational Forms

  11. Data Processing

    1. Some Basic Concepts
    2. Data Processing Flow
    3. Alternative Processing Flow

  12. Univariate Data Analysis

    1. Overview of Data Analysis Procedures
    2. Overview of Univariate Data Analysis Procedures
    3. Descriptive Statistics
    4. Hypothesis Testing
    5. Inferential Statistics


  • Thomas C. Kinnear, James R. Taylor; MARKETING RESEARCH, An Applied Approach; McGraw-Hill International Editions, Latest Edition.