Managerial Information System

DBA – 542

Week Proposed Potential Topics of Study
1 Introduction to Systems, Resources of Systems, Subsystems, information, Information Sciences, Information System.
2 Information and Quality Assurance, Information Technology Concepts, Computerization and Various Models.
3 Information Systems Models and their Role in an Organization, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Development Life Cycle.
4 Various Types of Computer Processing, Databases and DBMS, Data Communication and Networks, Problem-Solving Methodologies.
5 Computer-based Information System (CBIS), Various Types of CBIS, Introduction to Management Information System.
6 Introduction to Accounting Information System, Financial Information System, Human Resource Information System and other IS’s.
7 Detailed Study of MIS, Objectives, Requirement tasks and Functionality of Various Components of MIS.
8 MIS and Executive Information System, Using EIS in an Organization as a Problem-Solving System.
9 MIS and Decision Support System, Various Related Methodologies and their Implementation, MIS and other Information Systems.
10 Management of Information Resources, Business Processes and Organizations Requirement, and their Solution Using MIS.

Recommended Text Books:

  • Essential of Management Information Systems, By: K.C. Laudon,  Pub: Prentice Hall.
  • Management Information System: By: J.O Brian, Pub: McGraw Hill.

Recommended Reference Books:

  • Computer-based Information System- A Management Approach, By: D W. Kroeber. Pub: MacMillan Publisher.
  • Any text book available in the University (or departmental) library preferably or available in the local market for the topics mentioned above.
  • At the time of discussion of a topic, relevant books/materials may be referred from time to time.
  • Lucy Terry, “Management Information System”, London Letts Educational, 1997 (8th Edition).
  • Laudon Kenneth, “Management Information System”, New York, Memillan, 1991 (2nd Edition)
  • Davis Gprdon, Marhrathe H. Dlson, “Management Information System”, New York, McGraw Hill Inc. 1985 (2nd Edition).
  • Murdic Ross Claggett, “Information Systems for Modern Management”, Prentice-Hall 3rd Edition 1999.

Course Conduct Policy:

  • All University rules and regulation will be followed during the conduct of the course, in addition to the policies announced for the course from time to time.