BBA – I (Hons.)
Course Number : BA (H) – 351
Credit Hours : 03


This course will focus on the meaning, the significance and the practicality of Islam as universal religion, project the Islamic beliefs, and the Islamic code of life and acquaint the students with the importance of religion and its place in human life

Course Contents

  1. Religion
  2. 1.1 What is Religion?
    1.2 Need of Religion
    1.3 Why Islam is the Best Religion?
    1.4 Islam vs Christianity and Judaism.

  3. Misconceptions about Islam
  4. 2.1 Jehad and Terrorism
    2.2 Islam and Freedom
    2.3 Islam and Modernity

  5. Human Rights
  6. 3.1 Islamic Concept of Human Rights
    3.2 Western Concept of Human Rights
    3.3 Comparative Analysis of Both

  7. Women Rights and Duties
  8. 4.1 Islamic Concept
    4.2 Western Concept

  9. Relation with Non Muslims
  10. 5.1 With Reference of Sura Mumtahina Verse 8 and 9
    5.2 Rights and Duties of Non Muslims in an Islamic State

  11. Kasb- E- Halal (Lawful Earning)
  12. 6.1 Importance
    6.2 Effects on Human Life and Behavior

  13. Political System of Islam
  14. 7.1 Concept of State
    7.2 Characteristics of Islamic State

  15. Islamic Mode of Financing
  16. 8.1 Musharkah
    8.2 Mudarba
    8.3 Leasing
    8.4 Murabaha

  17. Serat Life of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)
  18. 9.1 Birth
    9.2 Life at Makkah
    9.3 Declaration of Prophet Hood and Its Difficulties
    9.4 Migration to Madina
    9.5 Brotherhood
    9.6 Madina Charter
    9.7 The Holy war of Prophet
    9.8 Treaty of Hudaybia
    9.9 Conquest of Makkah
    9.10 Last Sermon of Holy Prophet at Arafat

  19. Islamic Culture and Civilization
  20. 10.1 Impact of Islamic Civilization on the Sub Continent.
    10.2 The Civilization of Sub Continent before Islam
    10.3 The Political, Social and Moral Impacts of Islamic Civilization on Sub Continent
    10.4 Academic, Intellectual, Social, Cultural Impact of Islam on the World

Recommended Books

  1. Muhammad Hameedullah Islam and Practical Life, Darul Ishaat, Karachi, 1998.
  2. Syed Abu Ala Mawdudi Towards Understanding Islam, Islamic Publications, London, 1993.
  3. Khurshid Ahmed, Islami Nazaria-e-Hiyat, B.C.C & T, University of Karachi, Karachi, 1980.
  4. Tahir Mansoori, Islamic Law of Contracts and Business Transaction, Shri’ah Academy, Islamabad, 2005.