Introduction to Marketing Research Method

DBA – 611

1. The Nature of Marketing Research

a) Marketing Research in Practice
b) The Function of Marketing Research
c) International Marketing Research
d) The Marketing Research Department

2.  Marketing Information and Decision Support System

a) Marketing Information and Decision Support System (MIS)
b) Marketing Decision Support System (MDDS)
c) Expert System

3. Research Process and Research Design

a) The Nature of Research of research Design
b) Steps in Research Design Process
c) Potential Errors Affecting Research Design

4. Secondary Data

a) The Nature of Secondary Data
b) Internal Sources of Secondary Data
c) External Sources of Secondary Data

5. Primary Data

a) Survey Research
b) Telephonic Survey
c) Mailing Survey
d) Experimentation

6. Survey Research

a) The Nature of Survey Research
b) Criteria for the Selection of a Survey Method
c) Potential Errors in Survey Research

7. Experimentation

a) The Nature of Experimentation
b) Types of Errors Affecting Experimental Results
c) Experimental Design

8 Experimental Environment

a) Laboratory Experiments
b) Field Experiments
c) Test Marketing

9. Measurement in Marketing Research

a) The Concept of Measurement
b) Scales of Measurement
c) Components of Measurement
d) Measurement Accuracy

10. Questionnaire Design

a) The Nature of Questionnaire
b) Preliminary Decision
c) Decision Regarding Question Content
d) Decision Regarding Phrasing
e) Decision Regarding Response Format
f) Decision Regarding the Question Sequence
g) Physical Characteristics of the Questionnaire
h) Pretest

11.  The Sampling Process

a) Census Versus Sample
b) The Sampling Process
c) Sampling Applications
d) The Methods of Determining Sample Size

12. Marketing Research Reports

a) Preparing the Written Research Report
b) Preparing the Oral Presentations
c) Reading Research Reports

13. Ethical Issues in Marketing Research

a) The Nature of Ethical Issues in Marketing Research

Recommended Reading

  1. “Marketing Research Measurement & Method”, Sixth Edition Written by Donald S. Tull, Del I. Hawkins
  2. “Business Research Methods”
  3. Written by William G. Zikmund, The Dryden Press, 6th Edition, 2000