International / Global Marketing

DBA – 582

Recommended Books:

International Marketing by Philip R. Cateora, John L. Graham

1. The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

  • International Marketing – Definition, Task and Concepts
  • Self – Reference Criterion
  • Developing Global Awareness

2. Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets

  • Culture and its Elements
  • Cultural Knowledge, Values and Changes

3. Business Customs in Global Marketing

  • Required Adaption
  • Methods of Doing Business

4. The Political Environment

  • Political Risk in Global Business and Reducing Political Vulnerability

5. The International Legal Requirement

  • Bases for Legal Systems and Commercial Law within Countries
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

6. Developing a Global Vision through Marketing Research

  • Scope and Process of International Marketing Research
  • Defining the Problem and Establishing Research objectives and Gathering Primary/ Secondary Data.
  • Multicultural Research
  • Problems in Interpreting Research Information
  • Estimating Market Demand

7. Global Marketing Management: Planning and Organizing

  • Global Marketing Management
  • Planning for Global Marketing
  • Alternative Market Entry Strategies
  • Organizing for Global Competition

8. Creating Products for Consumers in Global Markets

  • Global Markets and Product Development
  • Quality Product
  • Products, Culture and Adaption
  • Product Components
  • Green Marketing and Product Development
  • Marketing Consumer Service Globally

9. International Distribution System

  • Channel of Distribution Structures and Patters
  • Selecting, Controlling, Motivating and Terminating Middlemen
  • Factors Affecting Choice of Channels

10. The Global Advertising and Promotion Effort

  • Global Advertising
  • Creative Challenges and Terminating Middlemen
  • Factors Affecting Choice of Channels

11. Pricing for International Markets

  • Pricing Policy
  • Price Escalation
  • Counter Trade
  • Intra Company Pricing Strategy

12. Exporting and Logistics: Special Issues for the Small Business

  • Export and Import Restrictions
  • Terms of Sale and Foreign Commercial Payments
  • Export Documents
  • Custom Privileged Facilities and Logistics