Human Resource Management

DBA – 442

(Academic Council)

1. Overview of Human Resource Management
2. Introduction of Human resource Management

  1. i) Definition of HRM
  2. ii) Is of Management
  3. iii) Environment of HRM

a) Internal
b) External – National
c)  International

3. Process of Human resource Management

4. Function of Human Resource Management

  1. Procurement (recruitment and selection)
  2. Development of Personnel (Training)
  3. Maintenance of Personnel (Wages, salary, benefits, etc)
  4. Utilization of H. Resource

5. H. Resource Development (HRD)

  1. Determining Training Needs
  2. Development of Appropriate Training Programs
  3. Organizing and conducting Training program
  4. Evaluation of Training Program

6. Hr. Planning, Job Analysis, Job Distributions

7.   Evaluation of HRM Activities

Recommended Books:

  1. Text Book:                  Human Resource management by keilt Davis
  2. Reference Book          The Management of people at work by Beceh Dale
  3. Dessier, Human Resource Management, Prentice-Hall, 1999
  4. William B, “Personnel Management and Human Behavior”, McGraw Hill, Latest
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