BBA – VI (Hons.)
Course Number :BA (H) – 562
Credit Hours : 03


How well an organization obtains, maintains and retains its human resource is a major determinant of its success or failure. This course explains how proactive managers and human resource professionals share their dual responsibility for continuously improving the human contribution to organizations, in ways that are strategically, socially, legally and ethically acceptable.

Course Contents

  1. 1.1 Evolution and Development of HRM
    1.2 Meaning and Significance of HRM

  2. 2.1 Difference Between Personnel Management and HRM
    2.2 HRM vs. HRD
    2.3 Strategic Role of Human Resource Management
    2.4 Approaches to HRM
    2.5 Models of HRM

  3. 3.1 Human Resource Planning
    3.2 Job Design and Analysis
    3.3 Recruitment and Selection
    3.4 Orientation

  4. 4.1 Career Planning and Development
    4.2 Training and Development
    4.3 Performance Appraisal
    4.4 Compensation Management and Employee Relation
    4.5 Motivation and Reward System

  5. 5.1 Employee Health and Safety
    5.2 Employee Relations Management

  6. 6.1 Employees Grievances
    6.2 Disciplinary Rules

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