Economic & Industrial Development of Pakistan

DBA – 551


The Course seeks a clear understanding and a measure of economic and industrial development of Pakistan since its inception. It looks into the future challenges and opportunities.


1. The Meaning & Measure of Economic Development

  • Economic Growth and Economic Development
  • Classification of Countries
  • Kravis Theory of Purchasing Power Adjustment / A Better Measure of Economic Development.
  • Problems with Alternative Measure
  • Weighted Indices for GNP Growth
  • “Basic Needs” Attainment
  • Liberalization versus Development
  • Small is Beautiful

2. The Strategy of Economic Growth

  • History and Evaluation of Economic Planning in Pakistan
  • Comparative Study of Pakistan’s Five Year Plans
  • Domestic and External Financing
  • Foreign Private Investment
  • Debt Servicing

3.  Industrial Planning In Pakistan

  • An Overview of Industrial Strategies and Structural changes in the       Economy
  • The Phase of Import Substitution
  • The Phase of Export Expansion
  • The Phase of Distributive Justice
  • The Phase of the Return of the Functional Inequality Grafted with Basic Needs concern

4. The Problems of Industrial Concentration and Income Inequalities

  • Economic growth and Income Inequality
  • Income Inequalities
  • Gini Co-efficient Criterion
  • Household Income Share Criterion
  • Purchasing Power Criterion
  • Rural-Urban Inequalities
  • Concerns of Poverty
  • Poverty Alleviation

5. Role of Public and Private Sectors in the Industrialization of Pakistan

  • Private sector as the Engine of Growth
  • Public Sector in the Role Gap-filler and a Catalyst
  • The Fall of the Private Sector and Ascendancy of the Public Sector
  • Resurgence of the Private Sector

6. Privatization

  • Historical Perspective
  • Privatization in Pakistan

7. Globalization

  • Challenges and Opportunities

8. Foreign Trade

9. Money & Banking

10. Public Finance

Recommended Books:

  1. The Strategy of Economic Growth – Dr. Mahb-ul-Haq
  2. The Management of Pakistan’s Economy – Ahmad, Viqar and Amjad
  3. Development Planning in Pakistan – Dr. Muhammad Aslam
  4. 50 Years of Pakistan’s Economy – Shahrukh Rafi Khan
  5. The Economics of Developing Countries – E. Wayne Nafziger
  6. Economy of Pakistan – Dr. Khuwaja Amjad Saeed