Computer Application to Business

DBA – 432


This emergence of computer-based information Economics and wide-spread usage of computers in record-keeping, classification, compilation and consolidation of organizational data have recast the role of computer in Business & Management. In other words computer-based Business System (CBBSc) have become essential for creating competitive firms, managing global corporations, providing useful products and services to customers through a better management of information resources. This course is designed to provide a basis to students in using organizational Computer-based Business System (CBBSc) as required by Management.


1-  Why Business Students need to learn Computers Application to Business?

Pre-requisite for the subject

– Organization & Organizational Units
– Commerce
– IT & Business Environment

2.  Organization & Organizational Units

– function of computers in Organizations

3.  Benefits of Computers in Organizations (Overall)

4.  Computers for Operational Activities in Organizations

5. Computers for tactical Activities in Organizations

6. Office Automation Tool & Software

Word Processor e.g. Ms-Word for Business Report Writing

7.  Presentation Tool e.g. Ms-Power Point for Report Presentation

8. Cyberspace (Internet, intranet, Extranet, e-mail Software)

– Lab Exercise

9. Computer for Transaction Processing in Organization

– Electronic Spread Sheet e.g. ms-Excel as a powerful Transaction

Recording Tool

–  Lab Exercises

10. Computer for Accounts Management in Organizations (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Chart of Accounts Maintenance, General Journal Entries, General Ledger Report

– Exercise on peachtree Accounting Software & Ms-Excel

11. Computer for Inventory Maintenance, Control 7 Forecast

– Exercise on Peachtree Accounting Software & Ms-Excel

12.  Computer for Invoicing

– Exercise on Peachtree Accounting Software & Ms-Excel

13. Computer for client Profile Management

– Exercise on peachtree Accounting software & Ms-Excel

14. Computers for Order Filling & Tracking

15. Computers for vendor Profile Management

– Exercise on Peachtree Accounting software & Ms-Excel

16. Computers for Sales & Distribution

17. Computers for Personnel Management (HR Management) & Payrolls

– Exercise on Peachtree Accounting Software & Ms-Excel

18. e-Commerce

Its Origin
– Associated Terminologies

19.  e-Commerce Application Models

– B2C e-Commerce
– B2B e-Commerce

20. C2C e-Commerce

–  B2E e-Commerce
– G2S e-Commerce

21. EFTS   Electronic Fund Transfer System

22. ED  Electronic Data interchange

23. EM Electronic Market