Course Number : BA (H) – 671
Credit Hours: 03


  1. Understanding Branding
    • What is a Brand
    • The Financial and Social Values of Brand
    • What makes Brand Great?
    • The Power of Brand
    • Branding the Principles of Marketing

  2. Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning

    • Customer Based Brand Equity
    • Brand Positioning and Brand Creation
    • Visual and Verbal identity
    • Brand Communication
    • Brand Protection
  3. Planning and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs
    • Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity
    • Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity
    • Integrity Marketing Communication to BBE
  4. The Scope of a Brand – Brand Stretching
    • The Level of a Brand – Corporate or Product Brand
    • The Extent of a Brand: Brand Stretching
    • Criteria in Line Extension Discussions
    • Designing and implementing Branding Strategies
  5. Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance
    • Developing a Brand Equity Measurement and Management System
    • Measuring Sources of Brand Equity: Capturing Customer Mind-Set
    • Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity: Capturing Market Performance
  6. The Globalization of Brands
    • Is the World Becoming One Big Market?
    • The Elements of the Globalization Decision
    • Internationalism: An Alternative of Globalization


  1. Kevin Lane Keller: Strategic Brand Management, Pearson Prentice Hall, New Delhi, India. 2008
  2. David Arnold: The Handbook of Brand Management, Addison Wesley Putlishing Company
  3. Rita Clifton and John Simmons: Brand and Branding Profile Book Ltd., South Asian Edition 2009