Course Number : BA (H) – 701
Credit Hours: 03


Management of Advertising and Promotion Plan. This requires the study of several things. Selling a commodity or service inevitably requires a promotion strategy and planning even before production of a commodity starts. Advertising has certain machines. One of these detailed plans are concerned and decided by the management staff. A large part of machines are carried out advertising agencies. These have their own limits or accounts and benefits of the promotion and advertising.


  1. The Dimension of Advertising
    • What is Advertising?
    • The Human Communication Process: Applying the Communication Process in Advertising.
    • Marketing: Determining the Types of Advertising to Use
    • What is Marketing?
    • Identifying Target Markets and Target Audiences
    • Implementing Marketing Strategy
    • Integrating Marketing Strategy
    • Integrating Marketing
  2. The Scope of Advertising: From Local to Global
    • The Advertising Industry
    • The Organizations in Advertising
    • The People in Advertising
    • The Advisers (The Client)
    • Local Advertising
    • Regional, National and Translational Advertisers
    • The Advertising Agency
    • Types of Advertising Agencies
    • The Client / Agency Relationship
  3. Marketing and Consumer Behavior: The Foundations of Advertising
    • The Larger Marketing Context of Advertising
    • The Relationship of Marketing to Advertising
    • Consumer Needs and Product Utility
    • The Importance of Knowing the Consumer
    • The Consumer Decision Making Process
    • Exchanges, Perception and Satisfaction
    • Interpersonal Influences on Consumer Behavior
    • Non-personal Influences on Consumer Behavior
    • The Purchase Decision and Post Purchase Evaluation
  4. Market Segmentation and the Marketing Mix
    • The Market Segmentation Process
    • Segmenting the Customer Market
    • The Target Marketing Process
    • Advertising and the Product Element
    • Advertising and the Price Element
    • Advertising and the Communication Element
    • The Marketing Mix in Perspective
  5. Inputs to Advertising Planning
    • Need for Research in Marketing & Advertising
    • Applying Research to Advertising Decision Making
    • Steps in Research Process
  6. Marketing and Advertising Planning
    • The Marketing Plan
    • Relationship Marketing
    • The importance of Relationships
    • Levels of Relationship
    • The Advertising Plan
    • Receiving the Marketing Plan
    • Setting the Advertising Objectives
    • Advertising Strategy and Creative Mix
    • Allocating Funds for Advertising
    • Advertising an Investment to Future Sales
    • Methods of Allocating Funds
  7. Relationship Building: Direct Marketing Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
    • The Importance of Relationship Marketing
    • Understanding Direct Marketing
    • The Role & Drawbacks of Direct Marketing
    • Types of Direct Marketing Activities
    • Direct Sales & Direct Response Advertising
    • Personal Selling the Human Medium
    • Types, Advantages & Drawbacks of Personal Selling
    • The positive and Negative Effective of Sales Promotion
    • Sales Promotion Strategies and Tactics
  8. Relationship Building: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising
    • The Role of Public Relations
    • The Difference between Advertising and Public Relations
    • Public Relations Planning and Research
    • Public Relations Tolls
    • Sponsorships and Event
    • Benefits & Drawbacks of Sponsorship
    • Types of Sponsorship
    • Corporate / Institutional Sponsorship
    • Public Relations Advertising
  9. Creative Strategy and Creative Process
    • The Creative Team
    • What Makes Great Advertising?
    • Formulating Advertising Strategy
    • How Creativity Enhances Advertising
    • What is Creativity?
    • The Role of Creativity in Advertising
    • Understanding Creativity Thinking
    • The Creativity Process
    • The Explorer Role: Gathering Information
    • The Artist Role: Developing and Implementing the Big Idea
  10. Using Advertising Media
    • Managing the Advertising Production Process
    • The Radio Commercial Production Process
    • The Television Commercial Production Process
    • Producing Advertising for Digital Media
    • Using Print Media
    • The Digital Interactive Media
    • Out of Home & Exhibit Media


  • William E Arens: Contemporary Advertising, International Edition, National Book Foundation
  • Thill, Dovel and Wood: Advertising Excellence McGraw-Hill Inc. 1995 5th Edition
  • Courtland L., Richard Irwin: Advertising, 2nd Edition, 1986
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