Advertising & Promotion

DBA – 562

Recommended Books:

  1. Contemporary Advertising by William E. Arens (International Edition Published by National Book Foundation)
  2. Advertising Excellence, Thill, Dowell & Wood, McGraw Hill, 1995, 5th Edition

1. The Dimension of Advertising

  • What is advertising?
  • The Human communication process: applying the communication process to advertising.
  • Marketing: determining the types of advertising to use.
  • What is marketing?
  • Identifying target markets and target audiences.
  • Implementing marketing strategy
  • Integrating marketing strategy
  • Integrating marketing

2. The Scope of Advertising: form local to global

  • The advertising industry
  • The organizations in advertising
  • The people in advertising
  • The adviser (the client)
  • Local advertising
  • Regional, national and transnational advertiser
  • The advertising agency
  • Types of advertising agencies
  • The client/agency relationship

3. Relationship building: direct marketing personal selling and sales promotion

  • The importance of relationship marketing
  • Understanding direct marketing
  • The role & Drawbacks of direct marketing
  • Types of direct marketing activities
  • Direct sales and Direct response advertising
  • Personal selling the human medium
  • Types, Advantages & Drawbacks of personal selling
  • The positive and negative effective of sales promotion
  • Sales promotion strategies and tactics

4. Relationship building: public relations, sponsorship and corporate advertising

  • The role of public relations
  • The difference between advertising and public relations
  • Public relations planning and research
  • Public relation tolls
  • Sponsorship and event
  • Benefit & Drawbacks of sponsorship
  • Types of sponsorship
  • Corporate / institutional sponsorship
  • Public relations advertising

5. Creative strategy and creative process

  • The creative team
  • What makes great advertising?
  • Formulating advertising strategy
  • How creativity enhance advertising?
  • What is creativity?
  • The role of creativity in advertising
  • Understanding creativity thinking
  • The creativity process
  • The explorer role: gathering information
  • The Artist role: developing and implementing the big idea

6. Using advertising media

  • Managing the advertising production process
  • The radio commercial production process
  • The television commercial process
  • Producing advertising for digital media
  • Using print media
  • The digital interactive media
  • Out of home & Exhibit media