Course Number : BA (BS) – 342
Credit Hours: 03


The purpose of this course is to understand the behavior of human being in general and in business organization specifically. How people behave in a way as they do in a situation? This question is difficult to answer as human is a very complex entity.
Behavioral scientists and psychologists are continuously engaged in research to ascertain the nature of human behavior in order to provide them an environment to improve their effectiveness and efficiency at work place. Management is getting things done through other people which is not possible without deeper understanding of human behavior.

Course Contents

    1. Definition of Human Psychology

      1.1. Understanding Goals of Psychology
      1.2. Major Trends in the Development of Psychology
      1.3. Biological Basis of Behavior
    2. Perception

      2.1. Attentional Processes
      2.2. Organizational Processes in Perception
      2.3. Identification and Recognition Processes
      2.4. Memory
    3. Learning and Behavior

      3.1. Classical Conditioning
      3.2. Operant Conditioning
      3.3. Cognitive Learning
      3.4. Observational Learning
    4. Motivation and Emotion

      4.1. Definition and Type of Motivates (Primary, Secondary and General)
      4.2. Basic Emotions and Culture
      4.3. Theories of Emotions
      4.4. Functions of Emotions
    5. Cognitive Processes

      5.1. Studying Cognition
      5.2. Language Use
      5.3. Visual Cognition
      5.4. Problem Solving and Reasoning
      5.5. Judging and Deciding
      5.6. Intelligence Assessment
    6. Personality

      6.1. Definition and Assessment of Personality
      6.2. Psychodynamic, Behavioristic, Humanistic, and Trait Theory of Personality
    7. Social Psychology

      7.1. Social Cognition
      7.2. Attitude and Their Group Behavior
      7.3. Prejudice
      7.4. Social Influences and Group Behavior
      7.5. Interpersonal Attraction and Loving
      7.6. Stress and Coping (Psychology of Health)

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