To keep pace with the fast advances in computing technologies, understanding of information technology has become an integral part of every field of life.  BCS degree program offered at CCBIT prepares computer science graduates to meet the IT needs of companies in software development, hardware and networking and managing information systems.

Bachelor of Computer Science – 3 Year Degree
BCS degree requires the completion of 31 courses for cumulative 1010 credit hours, requiring a student to maintain cumulative GPA of 2.45 to graduate.

Year 1

Course Code Semester 1 Course Code Semester 2
BCS 0101 English BCS 0103 Humanities & Social Sciences
BCS 0102 Pakistan & Islamic Studies BCS 1102 Calculus II
BCS 1101 Calculus I BCS 1104 Physics II
BCS 1103 Physics I BCS 1105 Probability & Statistics
BCS 2101 Intro. to Computer Programming BCS 2102 Intro. to Computer Science

Year 2

Course Code Semester 3 Course Code Semester 4
BCS 1201 Basic Electronics BCS 1203 Statistical Methods & Inferencing
BCS 1202 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations BCS 2203 Computing Methods I
BCS 2201 Digital Computer Logic BCS 2204 Data Structures & Applications
BCS 2202 Discrete Structures BCS 2205 Introduction to Operating Systems
BCS 2206 Assembly Language Programming BCS 2207 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages

Year 3

Course Code Semester 5 Course Code Semester 6
BCS 2301 Information System Analysis BCS 2306 Software Engineering
BCS 2302 Files & Databases BCS 2307 Data Communications
BCS 2303 Computing Methods II BCS 2308 Intro. to Artificial Intelligence
BCS 2304 Compiler Construction BCS 2319 Algorithm
BCS 2315 Computer Graphics BCS 2335 Java
    BCS 2342 Computer Networks