Course Number : BA (BS) – 301
Credit Hours: 03


  • The text is concerned with English usage that would prove acceptable in every way to the most critical reader or listener.
  • Focus is made specifically on grammar, word usage, conciseness, clarity, punctuation, spelling, and dictionary study.
  • Case study will be given in each chapter that will provide actual editing practice on a real business memo or letter.
  • Collaborative learning exercises will be given to students that will provide an opportunity to work together in groups, hence provide learning and editing correctly.

Course Contents

    1. Orientation – Understanding Grammar
      1.1 A Preview of the Parts of Speech
      1.2 Worksheet Exercis
    2. Grammatical Sentences
      2.1 Understanding Sentence Grammar
      2.2 Understanding Basic Sentences
      2.3 Classifying Sentences
    3. Nouns and Pronouns
      3.1 Compound Subjects and Complements
      3.2 Compound Subjects
      3.3 Use of Appositives
      3.4 Use of Gerund
    4. Verbs
      4.1 Verb Forms
      4.2 Tense
      4.3 Moods
      4.4 Voice
      4.5 Other Complication
    5. Agreement
      5.1 Agreement between Subject and Verb
      5.2 Agreement between Pronouns and Antecedent
    6. Adjectives and Adverbs
      6.1Adjectives to Modify Nouns and Pronouns
      6.2 Adjectives to Link Verbs to Modify Subjects
      6.3 Short Forms of Adverbs
      6.4 Comparative and Superlative Forms
    7. Clear Sentences
      7.1Sentence Fragments
    8. Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
      8.1 Pronoun Reference
      8.2 Shifts / Person / Number / Tense / Mood / Voice
      8.3 Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
    9. Effective Sentences
      9.1 Using Coordination and Subordination
      9.2 U sing Parallelism
      9.3 Emphasizing Main Ideas
      9.4 Achieving Variety
    10. Punctuation Pointers
      10.1 End Punctuation
      10.2 The Comma
      10.3 The Semicolon
      10.4 The Apostrophe
      10.5 Quotation Marks
      10.6 Other Punctuation Marks
    11. Mechanics
      11.1 Capitals
      11.2 Abbreviations
      11.3 Numbers
      11.4 Word Division

Recommended Books

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  2. John, E. (2004). Oxford Practice Grammar, New Edition with Test and Answers. Karachi: Oxford University Press.
  3. Ramsey, F. H., Aaron J. E. (2003). The Little Brown Handbook. Longmans Publication.
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