Business Communication – I

DBA – 411

  1. Effective Communication in Business: Importance & Benefits, Components, Non verbal Communication, Writing Session and Assignment
  2. Principle of Effective Communication,7C’s of Communication, Group Discussion on Assignment
  3. business Communication in Global Context
  4. Business Communication in Technological Context, Writing Session & Assignment
  5. The Process of preparing Effective Business Messages, planning, Organization, Composing the Messages
  6. The Appearance and Design of business Messages
  7. Good-news and Neutral Messages: Favorable Replies, Answering Inquiries, Granting Request, Acknowledging Orders, Announcement
  8. Bad News Messages, The right Attitude, plans for Bad News messages, Negative Replies
  9. Persuasive Written Messages: Organization, persuasive Requests and Sales Letter
  10. Short Report: Suggestion, Informational and Analytical memorandum Report, Letter Reports, Writing Session Assignments
  11. Long (Formal) Report: Prefatory and Supplemental Sections, Presentation
  12. Proposal: Purpose, Kind, Parts of Proposals

Recommended Books:

Text Books:

  1. “Effective Business Communication”, Hetra A. Murphy, Herbert W. Hildebrandt and James Thomas, McGraw Hill, International Edition

Reference Books:

  1. “Business Communication by John V. Thill and Courtland L. Boves, Prentice               Hall, 6th Edition
  2. “Business Communication by Asrar H. Siddiqui, Royal, Karachi 1998
  3. “Business Communication by David Nikson and Suzy Siddon, Pitman publisher 1996