Business Communication – II

DBA – 412
MBA – 11

1. Meeting Listening, Interviewing and Conducting
(Chapter # 19, Bovee & Thill)

  • Communicating Orally, Speaking and Listening
  • Problem with Speaking
  • Steps of Listening
  • Handling Different Interpersonal Situation
  • Conducting and Planning Interviews
  • Questions and Structures
  • Participating in small Groups and Meetings
  • Groups Dynamics
  • Arranging the Meeting

2. Giving Speeches and Oral Presentation
(Chapter # 20, Bovee & Thill)

  • Steps in Preparing for Speeches and Presentations
  • Purpose Audience Analysis
  • Main Idea
  • Making an Outline
  • Developing Speech Presentation : Introduction, Body, Restating the main points and close
  • Visual Aids: Design Font Size etc. Selection of Medium, Handout, OHP, Multimedia Charts etc
  • The Art of Delivery
  • Handling Questions

3. Jobs Application Process
(Chapter # 18, Murphy)

  • Self and Market Assessment
  • Resume Presentation
  • Cover Letter

4. Jobs Application Process
(Chapter # 19, Murphy)

  • Preparation for Job Interviews and Follow up
  • Issues in Negotiating the Job Offer

5. Strategies for Improving Listening Skills
(Chapter # 14, Murphy)

6. Strategies for Reducing Stage Frights
Chapter # 15, Murphy)

7. Informative and Persuasive speaking
(Chapter # 15, Murphy)

  • Purpose
  • Kinds
  • Audience Analysis and Organization for Persuasive Speaking
  • Forms of support for Persuasive Speaking

The students should choose a public limited company as topic for the presentation in the final exam. The list of students with respective topics should be submitted to Department of Business Administration, University of Karachi, 15 Days prior to the examination along with the report prepared by the student.

Books Recommended

  1. Effective Business Communication”, Hetra A. Murphy, Herbert W. Hildebrandt and James Thomas, McGraw Hill, International Edition
  2. ”Effective Business Communication”, Courtland L. Bovee and Johan Thill, Prentice Hall

Distribution of Marks for Affiliated Colleges

Final Presentation                 30 Marks
Theory Exam                            30 Marks (on above topic)