Advance Business Statistics

DBA – 511

Continuous Probability distribution. Normal distribution its properties. Application of normal distribution. Standard normal distribution, its properties. Sampling and Sampling distribution of mean. Sampling techniques-Simple random Sampling Stratified random sampling, Systematic sampling. Properties of sample mean in simple random sampling technique and stratified both. Idea of parameter and Statistic Estimation of parameters. Difference between point estimation and interval estimation. Construction of 95% and 99% confidence interval of population mean and difference of two population means and proportion for large and small samples both. Determination of sample size for estimating parameters. Test of hypothesis, Z-test for testing population mean, proportion and difference of two population means and proportion. X2  –  test for testing population variance, goodness of fit and test of independence of two attributes. F-test for testing equality of two population variances. Time series – its components – methods of measuring secular trends. Partial and multiple correlation and their coefficients. Multiple regression equations.

Recommended Books:

  1. Schaum Outline Series.
  2. Ronald E Walpole. Forth Edition.
  3. Marshfield. Statistics for Business and Economics, W.W. Norton & Co 1994.
  4. W. Daniel James C Terell. “Business Statistics for Management and Economics” Miffin, 6th Edition.
  5. F. Hair, Rolph E. Anderson and Ronald L Tahtam, William C Black, “Multivariate Analysis. Prentice Hall, 5th Edition, 1998.